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  • The value of renting office greeneryOffice green decoration can effectively absorb computer radiation and promote health。You do not need to learn the maintenance knowledge of plants and flowers, do not need to go back and forth to buy green plants, do not need the company to send a special person to manage office green plants, do not need to worry about the environmental problems of office green plant maintenance。
  • How to charge for office greening lease maintenance?
  • Plant Purchase helpPlant Purchase helpShanghai indoor plant purchase, purchase pot, office green purchase, office pot purchase, office green plant purchase
  • Download brochure for indoor landscape plant rental and care servicesDownload brochure for indoor landscape plant rental and care servicesThank you very much for choosing Shanghai Jinhe Horticulture Co., Ltd. indoor and outdoor landscape plant rental and maintenance services, wish our services for you to create a healthy and relaxed indoor and office environment。The brochure covers the benefits of greenery for rental indoor offices;Green plant rental service content;Green plant layout, process and scheme;Please read this manual for contact information, service standard, quotation and environmental responsibility of Jinhe Horticultural Office greening lease。
  • Office building green plant rental maintenance, rental layout processOffice building green plant rental maintenance, rental layout processShanghai Jinhe Horticultural office building green plant rental maintenance, rental and layout process,Provide free survey analysis to provide the best green layout plan,We will understand the actual environment of the customer's site and give a preliminary recommendation of suitable green plants,Determine the style and color of the planting pot,To match and coordinate with the overall environment。
  • Can I rent greenery for my premises?
  • How many varieties are suitable for indoor office environments?
  • The design idea of office greening schemeGarden designers at Kinghoe Gardening,Continue to study plant planting science, landscape environment and space aesthetics,Combined with the current European and American villa courtyard, foreign office greening, especially Japanese gardening landscape sketches, Singapore's overall greening, Hong Kong and Taiwan based on feng shui elegant green gardening style and characteristics,Consider domestic plant varieties and actual customer needs,Combined innovation,For domestic enterprises and institutions in Shanghai, foreign enterprises and so on to provide innovative cutting-edge green horticultural design schemes。
  • Free door-to-door survey, free to provide office building green leasing schemeFree door-to-door survey, free to provide office building green leasing schemeShanghai Jinhe Horticulture provides free office office green plant program, there are hotel hotel flower green plant program, hospital green plant flower rental program, shopping mall green plant rental indoor landscaping program and so on。
  • Regular on-site maintenance services by horticulturists
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Shanghai Golden Lotus Horticulture Co., LTD,Professional provide plant rental, office plant rental and maintenance, flower pot rental and maintenance, office greening lease, green plant rental layout, green plant purchase and sales, indoor and outdoor greening engineering design, lawn maintenance, activity flower rental, office greening design and flower arrangement and festival exhibition activities with flower maintenance services,In a leading position in the industry。