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What plants are easy to grow, easy to live and easy to keep in the office?

Published: Monday, August 11, 2014
Key tips:Our Golden Lotus Horticulture Co., Ltd. experts recommend three kinds of easy to grow, easy to live, easy to raise green plants, respectively: green plants, hanging orchis and rich bamboo。

绿萝吊兰Bambusa japonicaBest to keep。

What plants are good to keep in the office?Many white-collar workers still "uncertain"。Our Golden Lotus Horticulture Co., Ltd. experts, green plants are living creatures, planting technology is very important, before buying to understand the good to keep, their own conditions。Three kinds of green plants that are easy to grow, easy to live and easy to raise are recommended, they are: green plants, hanging orchids and rich bamboo。

Certain plants have their own peculiarities,You need to know before you buy,If pollen is toxic, it is not suitable for office;Plants with more pollen are less suitable for offices with lots of people,Some employees may be allergic to pollen;There are also some flowers and green plants flowering pot is not suitable for keeping indoors,Plants such as rose, jasmine, and iron trees need strong sunlight。

Lease plantOr when buying office potted plants or large yard plants, try to choose same-city suppliers, because the plants can't replenish water during transportation, and some plants with higher water requirements in higher temperatures will be similar。

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